To share an individual photo, click on the photo you desire to share so that it is displayed large size.  Then chose the "share" button in the upper right and choose the "Share Photo" tab.  You can share the link to the photo either by social media or email (choose a "share via" option).  The link will automatically be provided.  However, you will need to supply the password as describe at the bottom of this page.  


THUMBNAILS- To select photos while browsing the thumbnail page, choose "select photos" in the upper right corner.  Then hover the mouse over a photo of an item you would like to select.  Check the circle on the lower left corner of the photo. To see an enlarged image of the photo select the magnifying glass in the lower right corner. Chose as many photos as you would like to forward. Once all photos have been selected, chose "add to favorites". If given the option, name the favorites as "photo list 1", etc.  

SEARCHING- To select a photo using searching it is necessary to search first then click the picture you desire. A larger image will appear.  Choose the "add to favorites" above the picture. Chose the "back" arrow from the current search window to return to the search page and another photo can be requested in the same manner.  Note, the search option is loaded in a new window.  To return to the thumbnail page, close the search window and return to the main window and continue browsing for another item to request.

SHARE GROUP- Once the photos have been selected, choose the "favorites" in the upper left.  It may say "My selection", "Photo List", etc. If the list looks correct, click "send to" in the upper left and then the "send to a friend" tab. A link will be created that can be emailed to anyone you wish. However, you will need to supply the password as describe at the bottom of this page.  


PASSWORD:   NAME### (name is the last name all capitals and ### is the street number)  Hint, the password is the same as the URL extension after except all capitals.